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Faith - Aging with grace
Experts and caregivers say faith can take on new meaning near the end of life even as it helps seniors reconnect with the past.

Bush Rewrites History To Criticize His Antiwar Critics
In a Veterans Day speech on Friday, delivered to troops and others at the Tobyhanna Army Depot in Pennsylvania, George W. Bush veered from the usual commemoration of sacrifice to strike at critics who have questioned whether he steered the country into war by using false information. This has become a tough and troubling issue for his presidency. A poll taken before his speech found that 57 percent of the respondents now believe that Bush "deliberately misled" the nation into war. That is astounding and, I assume, without precedent in history. Has there been another wartime period during which a majority of Americans believed the president had purposefully bamboozled them about the reasons for that war?

American Catholics from John Paul II to Benedict XVI
Our research teams have carried out four surveys of American Catholics. The first survey in the spring of 1987 was carried out in anticipation of Pope John Paul II’s second visit to the United States. Our fourth survey was carried out following his death just after this past Easter and coincident with the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to the papacy as Benedict XVI. The four surveys were carried out by the Gallup Organization in six-year intervals, always in the weeks immediately following Easter. This 18-year time period has enabled us to track trends of change as well as areas of relative stability in the beliefs, practices and attitudes of American Catholics.

The Italians Pass, the Austrians Flunk, the Brazilians... The Bishops under Examination
And the pope is grading each of them. He urged the bishops of Austria to “change course.” But he gave an extra chance to the bishops of Brazil: he will come in person to encourage them – at the sanctuary of the Aparecida.


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