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New abuse inquiry to follow report on Ferns

AN INQUIRY into sex abuse by at least 60 Catholic clerics in the Dublin diocese is expected to follow hard on the heels of the report on abuse in the diocese of Ferns, due out today. The fresh investigation into abuse in the Dublin diocese will mean that the Catholic Church will have to face the fall-out from clerical sex scandals for several years to come.

Now what? As synod ends, will pope be 'all write' with propositions?
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The Synod of Bishops on the Eucharist drew to a close in late October, bequeathing to Pope Benedict XVI something he's probably not eager to receive: the raw material for a new document.

Poll: Americans Idealize Traditional Family, Even as Nontraditional Families Are More Accepted
In a recent poll on religion and the family conducted for Religion & Ethics Newsweekly by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research Inc., almost three quarters of all Americans agree that "God's plan for marriage is one man, one woman, for life." A strong majority of Americans (71%) idealize the traditional family even as divorce, cohabitation, and nontraditional family situations are becoming more accepted across religious groups. Only 22% of Americans think that divorce is a sin and almost half (49%) say that cohabitation is acceptable.

Over My Dead Body
Dead bodies have suddenly become the life of the party. It's a regular Weekend at Bernie's out there. Only a few months ago, America was grousing over the living corpse of Terri Schiavo and gushing over the Pope's still-tepid one. In the wake of Katrina, a lone cadaver on Union Street, neglected for days in an abandoned New Orleans, became an indictment of the Bush Administration. It's beginning to seem as though at the center of every shouting match and scandal lies a dead body - stock-still, neither assenting nor objecting.

The wonder of it all

The Cassini spacecraft continues to prove that the closer the view of the myriad worlds constituting the Saturn system, the more interesting and varied the views become. This close-up view of icy Dione reveals a wonderful variety of surface features that are simultaneously familiar and unlike any other place in the solar system.


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