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Not good enough

What is going on?  On Wednesday (September 14) and again today (Friday, September 16) I have hit the "print issue" button and received a pastiche of Issues 69, 68 and 67 - and some articles did not print at all!  That's not really true...I had to print them out individually.

This has been going on and getting worse for weeks and I do not blame the departing editor.
Fix it or stop pretending to be an online magazine.  Take a leaf out of National Catholic Reporter's book; their system seems to work ...you get this week what is sent this week.

Brian J. Thomas



The simpler life

As I read Chris McGillion's article (“Waste and want: a world of imbalance”, September 14) I was reminded of the life of St. Francis and how it could be relevant to us today. Perhaps Francis's giving up of all the trappings of wealth, and indeed his practice of living with and for the poor of his day, shows us today that it is what we possess that actually comes between us.

Francis and his followers had no material possessions and yet they cared for each other quite well. Many of us today have a house full of possessions and a mind full of knowledge, yet it seems that we are drifting further apart. We look after our own 'patch' of home and family while a sense of 'societal common good' fades.  

It took the extreme of Francis's lifestyle choice to highlight for me what is becoming the extreme of the Australian lifestyle choice. We are more than consumers in the economy of capitalism. Perhaps more Catholics, indeed more human beings, could decide to walk a 'middle way' which asks: do we really need this new car, plasma TV, DVD, box of new season mangos?

Andrew McAlister

Epping, NSW.   


Mr Jansohn's article (“The view from below”, September 14) has made a deep impression on me, especially where he shows the contrast between the fate of the poor homeless with the planned extravagance of World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney's Olympic Stadium.

Wir sind Kirche in Germany calls the World Youth Day in Cologne a "Carnival without the alcohol". I don't know whether this "carnival" left a debt, like the one in Toronto in 2002 ($31 million).

Mr Jansohn estimates the cost of WYD 2008 to the Catholic Church at $40 million and I can almost feel, that he thinks 'could that money not better used for a charitable action?'

I agree with that.

Also, I have my doubt about the efficacy of Eucharistic services attended by say several hundred thousand people in one place. I prefer such services to be more intimate, not in an Olympic stadium or at a race course, but in a church or another smaller place whether under a roof or in the open air.

Jim Taverne

Pymble NSW


Well said, Fred (Jansohn). Seems there is always plenty of $ to be spent on "triumphalism" – for example, the mass confirmations at the Superdome recently.

I am a retired woman who has worked in church-related welfare for many years and well know your sentiments.

Also, John Crothers speaks out again with courage & honesty.

Thank you, Father John.

Annette Milross

Gerroa, NSW


Lines of flight

As an aging priest, and a teacher all my life, I have ached over kids I have taught just like you (John O’Carroll, “Lines of Flight”, September 7), who have“left the faith”.

I can say I loved them all - in my kind of way. But God it has taken some patience for the homecoming, to start coming.

Cheers on your journey.

Vince Carroll



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