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Church pressure wins Govt change of heart on unemployed
Federal cabinet will consider softening the harsh rules on the unemployed at the heart of its welfare crackdown, after lobbying from church-based groups including Catholic Welfare Australia. Cathnews http://www.cathnews.com/news/509/20.html

Good Samaritans turn to Web to help victims
The Internet is spreading more than just information about Hurricane Katrina, it's giving people in the far corners of the United States the power to offer storm victims tangible help in the form of jobs and housing.
The Washington Post

Schvnborn urges Creation debate

CARDINAL Christoph Schvnborn, the Archbishop of Vienna, is calling for the discussion of 'Creation and Evolution' to be broadened, taking the issue beyond religious instruction and science classrooms and into the fields of economics, philosophy and history...
The Tablet http://www.thetablet.co.uk/cgi-bin/citw.cgi/past-00246#EUROPE

Benedict XVI, Recorded Live: His Ecumenism? It’s Right Here
The complete transcript of pope Joseph Ratzinger’s address to non-Catholic Christians, delivered in Luther’s homeland. With the addition of all of his off-the-cuff remarksChiesa http://www.chiesa.espressonline.it/dettaglio


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