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"Your Church could be next"

Australia is to see its first forced 'eviction' of a congregation by a bishop when the community at Sacred Heart, Darlinghurst in Sydney is ordered out after the last mass this Sunday, 14 August to make way for the private, publicly funded Notre Dame University.

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Future of Catholic Institute up for grabs

Cardinal Pell has convened a committee of inquiry to look into the future academic and financial viability of the Australia's most respected theological faculty, the Catholic Institute of Sydney (CIS).

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Vinnies gets tough with 'the rebels'

After nearly a year of bitter dispute, the 120 million dollar a year plus budgeting Society of St Vincent de Paul in New South Wales has finally cracked down on the opponents to its new financial system of collective banking, as Cliff Baxter reports.

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and in other news...

  • US lawmakers push for church financial disclosures

    Legislators on Beacon Hill are filing a bill that would force the Catholic Church to file an annual financial report and list all its real estate holdings. NewsCenter 5's Amalia Barreda reported Monday that Democratic Sen. Marion Walsh has the support of 32 other lawmakers in authoring a bill requiring all religious organizations to provide full financial disclosure to the attorney general's office, just like secular charities must. - yahoo

  • Gibson Asked To Stage Live 'Passion' For Catholic Event

    An Australian newspaper says actor-director Mel Gibson has been asked to recreate scenes similar to those in "The Passion of the Christ" in the streets of Sydney if the city is selected to host the Roman Catholic church's World Youth Day in 2008. - neworleanschannel.com

  • Priest: Archdiocese Says Keep Quiet On Church Abuse

    A Roman Catholic priest who reported to a church official in the early 1980s that a fellow priest was molesting boys said he was told that the Philadelphia Archdiocese's highest authority warned that he should keep quiet. - kyw.com

  • Pope heads home to Germany for date with Catholic youth

    Pope Benedict XVI returns to his native Germany next week for the first foreign visit of his pontificate, a four-day trip to mark Catholic World Youth Day celebrations which will be given added significance by meetings with Muslim and Jewish leaders. - inq7.net

  • New Senate has chance to make welfare changes fairer

    The new Senate, sitting for the first time today, had a chance to demonstrate its fairness in considering welfare changes the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) said today. If Parliament passes the Budget changes to welfare, ACOSS estimates at least 300,000 Australians - 150,000 adults and 150,000 children - could be worse off after July 2006 because instead of receiving pensions they could be put onto lower allowance payments. - acoss

  • Nguiu schools to remain under Catholic control

    Schools at Nguiu will remain in the hands of the Catholic Education Office after a public meeting on Bathurst Island off Darwin today. Local Indigenous leader Gawain Tipiloura expressed the community's dissatisfaction with the way Murrupurtiyanuwu primary and Xavier secondary school are being run. - abc.net

  • Abuse claimant tells of deprivation

    A woman suing Catholic authorities for $550,000, alleging a deprived and abusive upbringing, was also a debutante who wore stolen knickers, a court has been told. - stuff.co.nz

  • How common is the common good?

    The notion of the common good is deeply embedded in Catholic Church social teaching, from the encyclical Rerum Novarum by Pope Leo XIII to the message from John Paul II on World Peace Day, 2005, writes Neil Ormerod. - erc.org

  • Torture: The slippery slope to surrender to terror

    In twenty years of writing hundreds of letters to foreign governments suspected of human rights violations, I have had a few replies, writes Tony Smith. Most replies have been conciliatory, begging understanding-`the government is trying', `culture change takes time'-but no government has attempted to justify torture. Perhaps no regime cares so little for its international reputation that it would defend the indefensible. Until now. - australian review

  • Da Vinci film seeks blessing

    IT is a publishing phenomenon that has sparked controversy. Now the film version of The Da Vinci Code is attempting to reduce the offence caused to Catholics. - australian

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