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What Asian Catholics know
Renowned Sri Lankan theologian Fr Tissa Balasuriya OMI - one of four theologians silenced by Cardinal Ratzinger - offers the second part in his reply to Benedict's assertion that we are suffering a 'dictatorship of relativism' - by Tissa Balasuriya
Terrorism: "False religion"
The attacks on ordinary Londoners show that the god of the terrorist is unrecognisable to religious people. History is on the side of peace, not violence - Cormac Murphy O'Connor
The Chaos of Mercy
A butterfly's wings echo through the universe, as do the effects of good and evil. The moral dimensions of chaos theory, after London - by Andrew Thomas Kania
The darkness of winter - or perhaps just getting older - lead us to wonder, "is that it?" On the balancing of the fragile symbols of meaning - Michael B. Kelly
little sq
little sq
#60 Winter Issue
World Youth Day
May be here in 2008.
But do we
want it?

Truth and the Media
You heard of Spin?
Try 'dog-whistling'
'language laundering',
- tools of government, business,
and church

by John Menadue

The Search for Beauty
A poem
for Winter
and Spring
And black dog days.

by Ted Holmes

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