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What Asian Catholics know
Benedict XVI believes there is a "dictatorship of relativism". But has Christianity been understood in the same way in all times and in all places? Asian Catholics don't think so - this essay by the renowned theologian silenced by Cardinal Ratzinger in 1997 - Tissa Balasuriya
The Emerald Bishop
His ability to engage people, his sincerity, integrity - not to mention a wicked sense of humour - have endeared him to all. David Cremin last week celebrated 50 years of priesthood - by Tony Doherty
The Spirituality of Steve
A contemporary encounter with a young man in trouble with the law was the catalyst for a deeper appreciation of the Gospel for one priest - by Peter Dresser
Interactive Participation in the Liturgy
Last week, Jane Anderson highlighted the National Council of Priests' call for ways forward in the celebration of the Eucharist. A priest in the Diocese of Ballarat says interactivity is the way to go - Kevin J. Murphy
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#59 Winter Issue
120 Religious last week
discussed their future.
Do they need lay

Shades of Grey
Alan Holroyd muses
On the Church's eternal truths
And World Youth Day

Brian Doyle...
ponders holy languages.
He finds the word
God only gives to poets

Christie's Winter Workshops
Lucky old Brisbane!
See Annette Arnold, Dermot Dorgan,
Suzette Clark, Tony Kitchen and more...

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