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CEO trips chasing Government dollars

The Catholic Education Office, Parramatta, has admitted it plans to adhere to the Federal Government's directive over individual contracts, even though this is likely to place the CEO, at least industrially, at odds with its own Bishop.

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Kiko and Screaming in Kelmscott

A 73 year old man in WA alleges he was threatened with excommunication by his Neo Catechumenate Way priest as well as physically threatened by the same priest on two occasions.

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Saving the Sudan

A $100,000 donation from the Thomas Foundation aims to support teacher training for Sudanese refugees at Australian Catholic University (ACU National) over the next three years.

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and in other news...

  • Catholic study highlights wealth and fewer kids

    Far from "breeding like rabbits", Australian Catholics today are having fewer children than the rest of the population. More of them have jobs than non-Catholics, they earn more, and far more are buying their own homes. - age

  • Geraldine Hawkes' Open Letter to the Pope

    The National Catholic Reporter's Global Perspective is featuring commentators from across the globe writing open letters to Benedict XVI. Today, Geraldine Hawkes writes from Adelaide, Australia. Read her essay: In the right hands, a garden can flourish. - ncr

  • Assault victim to undertake civil action

    One of the victims indecently assaulted by a Catholic Marist brother in Traralgon, in Victoria's south-east, in the 1970s wants to pursue civil action. Brother Gerrard McNamara has been given a three-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to indecently assaulting seven former students. - abc

  • Church Finances Improve After Abuse Payouts

    Finances are improving for the Roman Catholic Church in New Hampshire after it paid out millions of dollars to settle alleged child sexual abuse by clergy. - wmurchannel.com

  • Church-closing plan stuns local Catholics

    Roman Catholic church leaders in Canada will explain at a news conference today controversial recommendations that would see 10 churches closed in Windsor and Essex County. - canada.com

  • Roman Catholics train priests for life as CEOs of parishes

    With a shortage of priests, young clergymen are being promoted much earlier and dioceses have begun training priests in business practices just as their careers are beginning - or even while they are still in the seminary. "It is imperative we give them capabilities to succeed as leaders," said the Rev. Dave Nuss, the Toledo Diocese's director of vocations. "It's more than accounting and payroll." - saukvalley.com

  • Vatican may campaign against IVF abroad, says expert

    The Roman Catholic Church is likely to launch a global offensive against infertility treatment following its victory in Italy last week, a leading expert said on Sunday. - reuters

  • Cardinal Jaime Sin dies at 76

    Cardinal Jamie Sin of the Philippines, an outspoken advocate of democracy in Asia who played a key role in the 'people power' revolts that ousted two Presidents, has died in Manila at the age of 76. - statesman.com

  • Church says NZ voters will heed Pope

    Voters will take into account Pope Benedict´s comments to New Zealand about the sanctity of marriage in the upcoming general election, the Catholic Church says. - cathnews

  • Ugandan president calls church to back condom use

    Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has called on the Catholic Church to drop its opposition to the use of condoms as they are one of the primary ways of fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS. - cathnews

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