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Saving 'Magdalen'

An Australian obstetrician who may have discovered the means to prevent the spread of the AIDS virus cannot raise the $US100,000 necessary to conduct the field trials and is applying to the UK government instead.

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Sr Connelly defends Timorese

Sister Susan Connelly of the Mary MacKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies has issued a stinging attack on the Department of Immigration following a shock deportation order issued against East Timorese nationals living in Australia.

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Next Aussie Saint?

As Father Ted Kennedy was laid to rest today in a service in the Block, Redfern, in the presence of many Australian dignitaries, some were asking whether Fr Ted might become Saint Edward of Redfern.

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and in other news...

  • Pope to attend conference in Bari

    Pope Benedict XVI said he will make his first official visit in Italy to the southern city of Bari to attend the final day of the eucharist congress of the Catholic Church in Italy. The pontiff saluted the opening of the meeting in Bari -- being held for the 24th time -- during his Sunday Angelus blessing before nearly 20,000 people gathered in St. Peter's Square. - yahoo

  • Condoms-in-school debate hits Catholic Mexico

    A Mexican government ministry is pushing for the installation of condom machines in secondary schools in less affluent areas to stem a surge in teenage pregnancies, a scheme unlikely to find favor with the Roman Catholic church. - alertnet

  • Catholic Church, China taking steps toward renewing diplomatic ties

    The Roman Catholic Church and the Chinese government are actively exploring the re-establishment of diplomatic relations, with contacts between the sides warming to the point that the ailing John Paul II quietly received a quasi-official Chinese delegation in the Vatican. - mercurynews.com

  • Vatican will not try founder of Mexican order for abuse

    The Mexican founder of the Legion of Christ, an influential Roman Catholic order, will not face a church trial on allegations that he sexually abused young seminarians in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, according to the Legion and news reports citing a Vatican spokesman. - Boston Globe

  • A Hypocritical Church's Sex Lessons

    Last week, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange released more than 10,000 pages of letters, handwritten notes and other documents from the personnel files of 15 priests and teachers as part of its $100-million settlement of another in a numbing series of class-action sexual abuse lawsuits against the Catholic Church. - latimes

  • State ward welcomes interim abuse report

    An Adelaide man who claims he was abused as a ward of the state says he feels vindicated by the findings of an interim report into the abuse of children at South Australia's homes and institutions, which includes the St Vincent de Paul orphanage at Goodwood. - abc.net

  • Primary Principals call for reality check

    Catholic primary school principals surveyed by their professional association have complained of increasing expectations that they maintain involvement in parish activities that can distract them from running their schools. - cathnews

  • Record Catholic confirmation held

    FIVE thousand primary school students packed the Superdome in Sydney today for Australia's biggest Catholic confirmation ceremony. More than 40,000 parents, teachers, friends and parish members were on hand to support the students as they entered into a more adult relationship with the church. - daily telegraph

  • "Odd Socks"Day

    The Southern Queensland Branch of the Australian Network to Ban Landmines, is promoting an `Odd Socks'/Stockings/Shoes Day in schools, workplaces or just individually during the Australian National Landmine Action Week (23-29 May). - icbi.org

  • Big Brother takes monks to masses

    An Australian priest is revolutionising the public face of the Catholic Church in Britain - and giving a whole new meaning to the term Big Brother. It was a quiet life until a fortnight ago, when the 53-year-old became a star of British television. - smh

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