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Abortion survey 'lacks credibility'

Eva Cox has cast doubt on the credibility of the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute abortion survey at the same time as it emerged that Southern Cross is essentially controlled by the conservative Catholic group, Knights of the Southern Cross.

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Tom Reese forced out

The recently dismissed editor of the Jesuit Magazine America, Thomas Reese sj, is a "competent and loyal person who has worked with a good team of writers", according to Australia's Jesuit Provincial, Fr Mark Raper.

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Making Poverty History

The Columban Centre for Peace Ecology & Justice has called on Australians to observe World Debt Day, on Monday May 16. World Debt Day which commemorates the day in 1998 when 70,000 people formed a human chain around the G8 summit in Birmingham England to call for debt justice for poor countries and greater accountability for past Cold War and irresponsible loans.

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and in other news...

  • ACU National rector teaches social policy in Rome

    Australian Catholic University (ACU National) Canberra Campus (Signadou) Rector, Professor Peter Camilleri, is teaching a Master's graduate class on social services at the Redemptor Hominis Institute at the Pontificial Lateran University in Rome from 2 May - 13 May 2005 - ACU

  • Pass it on Message Stick

    Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, with the support of committed volunteers, is launching a major grass-roots initiative to rekindle reconciliation within Australian communities. `Pass it On' is a call from Indigenous Australians to the broader community to recommit to righting past and present injustices - pass it on.org

  • Catholic advocate urges better immigration policy scrutiny

    Phil Glendenning of the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education has said that the execution Australia's refugee determination policies needs to be more closely monitored - cathnews

  • First priest for cabinet post

    Mgr David Cappo, who wrote the document governing the Australian Church's response to the sexual abuse crisis has been appointed to the South Australian Cabinet's executive committee - believed to be the first time a government in Australia has named a non-elected person to such a post... - tablet

  • ACOSS, welfare groups & charities issue joint call: invest in unemployed people

    ACOSS, its members and supporters called upon the Government to invest $2 billion per year in unemployed people to assist them back into the workplace in this year's Federal Budget. "A society must be judged by the way in which it treats its most disadvantaged members. ," said ACOSS President Andrew McCallum - acoss

  • Pope Should Change Catholic Church's Opposition to Condom Use To Prevent Spread of HIV/AIDS

    Although "nobody does nobler work throughout the developing world than the Catholic Church," the church's "hostility" toward condom use "is creating more AIDS orphans every day," ...New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof writes in a Times opinion piece - medical news today.com

  • Alms-Giving or 'Charity Wounds'?

    Charity without reciprocity only serves to stroke the moral egos of those doing the giving and doesn't really help those who need a hand-up - alternet

  • Why Ratzinger Is the Right Pope: The Market Explains

    The laws of economics applied to the election of Benedict XVI. An analysis by Luigi Zingales, and a counter-analysis by Ettore Gotti Tedeschi - chiesa

  • Vatican Radio officials convicted in 'electro-smog' case

    An Italian court has found a Roman Catholic cardinal and a director of Vatican Radio guilty of polluting the atmosphere with powerful electromagnetic waves from a radio transmission station - ABC

  • Churches sold to compensate victims

    A Roman Catholic diocese in Canada's eastern province of Newfoundland will sell all of its churches and missions to come up with the money to compensate the victims of sexual assault by a priest. The Catholic Diocese of St George's said it would sell about 150 properties to raise $US10.5 million ($A13.58 million) for the victims of Father Kevin Bennett, who was convicted in 1990 of hundreds of sexual assaults over three decades as a priest on the west coast of the island - smh

  • Cube vs. Cathedral: The Lost Match of the Church of France

    Secular culture is largely winning, and sociologist Danièle Hervieu-Léger announces the end of French Catholicism. But the Church bears part of the blame - chiesa

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