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'Don't be fooled' - Kung

Swiss theologian Hans Kung claims John Paul's real message was 'play my game or leave the Church' - and that's just what has happened: millions of Catholics have left the Church under a papal 'domestic' policy which denies some human rights and freedoms, and which seeks a return to the pre Vatican II church.

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Australia Mourns JP II

Jews, Muslims join Christians in expresions of sorrow following the death of John Paul II as some call for change.

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New Pope Should Push for Change

US Catholics - and non Catholics - believe that change in the Church is overdue, says a poll released this week in Washington by the Associated Press.

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and in other news...

  • Mourners file past pope's body

    Thousands of mourners are filing past Tuesday as the body of Pope John Paul II lies in state in St. Peter's Basilica. Cardinals set funeral for Friday - cnn

  • The Legacy of Pope John Paul II

    Three progressive religious scholars discuss the beliefs and actions that shaped John Paul II's papacy, and where the Catholic Church is headed.- alternet

  • Tutu calls for African pontiff

    South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu this week said that the Catholic Church should consider electing an African as supreme leader of the world's 1 billion Catholics. - BBC

  • John Paul II, 1978-2005: The Last Anti-modern Pope

    His was a Church of saints set against the powers of evil: first Soviet communism, then the civilization of money, sex, and the "liberty that enslaves." An assessment by an historian of the papacy, Giovanni Maria Vian and Sandro Magister. - chiesa

  • The Price of Infallibility

    John Paul II has been almost the polar opposite of John XXIII, who dragged Catholicism to confront 20th-century realities after the regressive policies of Pius IX, who imposed the peculiar doctrine of papal infallibility on the First Vatican Council in 1870, and after the reign of terror inflicted by Pius X on Catholic theologians in the opening decades of the 20th century. Unfortunately, this pope was much closer to the traditions of Pius IX and Pius X than to his namesakes. - NYT

  • Time to rethink celibacy: bishop

    Australian Catholic bishop Pat Power believes the election of a new pope gives the church an opportunity to rethink its ban on married priests. Bishop Power is widely seen as one of the most progressive Australian bishops and his comments yesterday sparked speculation on whether the death of John Paul II, who maintained a rigid, conservative line on social issues, might herald a more liberal Catholic era. - The Australian

  • Is church ready for a black pontiff?

    AFTER the death of the first non-Italian pope in 455 years, Vatican insiders are asking whether the moment has come for a Third World pope - or even the first black pope since the fifth century. - The Australian

  • National survey of services under strain

    Community services were unable to meet demand for help, said the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) today as it launched its Australian Community Sector Survey 2005. "Lack of funds meant 68% of community services surveyed were not able to help all the people who sought assistance," said ACOSS President Andrew McCallum. - ACOSS

  • Churches across Pacific mark death of the Pope

    A Catholic cathedral in the Northern Marianas has launched a marathon bell-ringing program to mark the passing of Pope John Paul II. - ABC

  • The Catholic Church needs a 21st century man

    The next pope faces challenges so urgent that many church leaders and analysts worry that even a pope with the charisma and capacity of John Paul II will have to resort to a strategy of triage. - AustFinReview

  • Key cardinal to miss papal election

    The Philippines' most influential Catholic leader, Cardinal Jaime Sin, would miss the election of the new pontiff at the Vatican due to illness, church officials said today. - Daily Telegraph

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