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CHA Chief supports public inquiry

Catholic Health Australia's Francis Sullivan says the dreadful state of mental health in Australia is well known in government circles. But the Cornelia Rau affair should be investigated in public.

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Handling the Truth

Australians need to accept that truth in public life is complicated and accept its ambiguities if we are to improve our public conversations, according to Uniya's first Honesty Matters speaker, John Schuman.

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Parish gains protection

Sacred Heart Church gained a small win this week when the Sydney City Council gave the community heritage protection from developers. But State protection is necessary if the community and buildings are to be saved.

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and in other news...

  • Nearly $1m grant for counselling service

    Catholic Church-run pregnancy counselling services received almost $1 million in federal funding this year, a Senate committee heard. More than $15 million of Commonwealth money was spent annually on family planning organisations in Australia, Department of Health and Ageing officials told a Senate estimates committee. Of that, $918,800 was given in 2004/05 to the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference.
    - smh

  • Fresh calls for a trust fund for Timor

    Following the announcement that negotiations on maritime boundaries between East Timor and Australia are set to resume in Canberra on the 7th of March, an Australian lobby group claim the Australian Government needs to show it's serious about reaching a just and prompt resolution to the dispute - TimorSeaJustice.org

  • Holocaust

    A new book by Pope John Paul II in which he likens abortion to a new Holocaust has outraged Jewish groups appalled by what they say is a lack of understanding on the part of the Catholic Church. The comparison is highlighted in a passage of the 84-year-old pontiff's fifth book, "Memory and Identity", a volume of reflections on ideological conflicts of the 20th century. - yahoo.com

  • The Religious Geopolitics of Cardinal Ruini

    Christians in Europe and in the world; the Islamic challenge; how to unite freedom and truth; the case of Italy and the American model. The manifesto by the pope's vicar on the Church of today and tomorrow - chiesa

  • Vatican official says right to pursue physical well-being is limited

    While one has "a moral duty" to maintain one's health, there are limits to the right to pursue physical well-being, said the head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Bishop Elio Sgreccia - catholic news service

  • Unclothed Christ draws protest

    New Zealand: Bold naked images of Jesus in new relief sculptures installed in Christchurch's Catholic Cathedral have attracted angry protests from parishioners - Stuff.co.nz

  • Michael Scaperlanda on a Person-Centered System

    For almost 100 years, secular schools of legal philosophy -- especially legal realism and legal positivism -- have been dominant within the legal academy and the judiciary. These have led to laws and practices inimical to religious practice and traditional morals. But now, Michael Scaperlanda and a growing number of lawyers and law professors are developing a response to this phenomenon through something called Catholic legal theory.

  • Church audit shows over 1000 new abuse claims

    The US Catholic church received 1,092 new claims of priest sexual abuse last year and paid more than $US157 million ($200 million) to deal with them, according to an audit of the paedophile scandal released today. "The crisis of sexual abuse of minors within the Catholic church is not over," Kathleen McChesney, head of the US church's Office of Child and Youth Protection, told reporters. - smh

  • How can you mend a broken heart?

    This has been a pretty bad week for the Roman Catholic Church as two more priests were convicted. But we Catholics are getting used to the drill by now - bignewsnetwork.com

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