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The Reality-Based Environment
The Bush solution to global warming is to declare it does not exist - whereas those of us in the reality-based community understand differently.
Untranslatable Words
Every language has words that trigger personal truths, national histories, or cultural peculiarities; words that resonate in heart and mind as well as on the tongue. Can we translate the untranslatable?
The Karen Armstrong Interview
Karen Armstrong spent seven years in the Society of the Holy Child Jesus and later wrote a tell-all book, Through the Narrow Gate (St. Martin's Press, 1982). Later she left the order and wrote the best selling A History of God. In this interview she reflects on religious fundamentalism,
Self Tests: Coping with Trouble
For the last 15 years, psychologist Dr. Ken Pargament has studied the role of spirituality and religion in people grappling with trouble. To help people better understand their own spiritual coping styles, he has created this test.
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#35 Summer Issue
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Welcome to the final summer edition.

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I am with You
It is a very great thrill and a privilege to encounter the genuinely gifted, especially when you have the opportunity to gain for them a readership. Ted Mason, a grandfather from Coacar, New South Wales is a wonderful writer and a wonderful spirit. This short piece is about a very special experience of the Eucharist.

Online Catholics presents from Issue 23 This Graced Life by Ted Mason.

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