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Earthsaint: Annie Dillard
If Brian Doyle is our favourite writer, Annie Dillard is one of his: she's been compared to Emily Dickinson and Thoreau. Annie has also been nominated the first "Earthsaint" by ecology magazine, EarthLight. This is why.
No Room At the Inn
Like many gay and lesbian couples, Beth and Liz will be spending the holidays apart.
The Secret Life
"Most of my poems begin in the cracks of my life where opposing forces collide", writes Linda Zisquit. "In poetry I am free to play with the material of my life, to use whatever I find that helps me see my way through the disorder to some coherence."
Self Tests: Your Soul Body Connection
In studies at Harvard and other centers, the following tests have shown how tapping into your spiritual core can boost self-confidence, lower heart attack risk factors, reduce cravings for alcohol, and help stop smoking.
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Time to take a stand
It is time to take a stand against poor Church leadership, says Fr John Crothers, in an article that created something of a furore. The Sydney priest said that over the past few years there has been a concerted effort by some bishops to push the Australian Church further to the Right, leading to a leadership style that is exclusive and inflexible.
Online Catholics presents from Issue 13 Essay by John Crothers.
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