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The three faces of Christmas
From Warrington to Abu Dhabi, shami kebabs and plastic trees, crap TV or a day at the beach? Maryam Maruf s quirky tale of a child s Christmas in the Persian Gulf.
The Joan Chittister Interview
Bill Moyers talks to Sister Joan Chittister, Benedictine, a social psychologist, regular columnist for NCR, and the author of over 30 books. What is the media's moral responsibility?
Celebrating the return of the sun
In the cold North, people look forward to the return of the sun and the fishing season. Once people could wonder how many fishing seasons they had left, meaning of course how much longer they had to live. Today, writes Jerry West, I wonder which will end first, my life or the return of the fish.
Self Tests: Optimism
More than thirty years of research and over 500 scientific studies have shown that what you say to yourself when you experience stress and adversity -your explanatory style - influences your performance, your mood, and even your health.
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