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Red Tape blocking Aid Effort
The Indonesian Government is attempting to sweep aside excessive red tape in order to deliver much needed aid to the thousands of people devestated by Sunday's earthquake.
Christmas Wars
Rabbi Michael Lerner says that Christmas has been stolen but not by the Jews and secularists. It's been stolen by the Christian right.
Come, let us adore him
Carols evoke the extraordinary Christmas story of the baby born in a stable. They also help us understand through their familiar words the tenets of our faith, writes Australian theologian, Gerald O'Collins.
Consumerism and the Silly Season
It seems Australians now want and expect more. A recent survey found that nearly half of the richest 20% of households claimed they did not have enough money to buy everything they really needed.
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#32 Christmas Issue
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Summer Edition
Welcome to our summer edition.

Between now and Australia Day, Online Catholics brings you the best of summer reading, plus the Editor's Choice from our archives. This week:

Profile: Jean Vanier
Jean Vanier, the founder of 125 international L'arche and Faith and Light Communities, arrived in Australia last April for the very last time.
Online Catholics was there to meet him in Issue 1.

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