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  • Ailing Pope seeks help
    Facing his 27th Christmas as pope, a frail Pope John Paul admitted to senior members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy today that age and failing health means he needed more help from them and from God than he used to
    - news.com

  • What Our Troops Want for Christmas
    The time has come to stop being cowed by accusations that criticizing the war is the same as criticizing the troops and to start speaking the truth, writes Arianna Huffington - alternet

  • Europe and Islam: Identities Lost
    The terrorist threat has led to an explosive conflict between the West and the Muslim world. But the reasons for the clash go deeper; they are found within each of these civilizations. In a consensus-defying book, an English philosopher explains how and why - chiessa

  • Coptic pope goes into protest retreat
    Cairo, Egypt, Dec. 20 (UPI) -- Egypt's Coptic pope has gone into seclusion at a desert monastery to protest the government's alleged treatment of Egyptian Christians, the BBC said Monday - washingtontimes.com

  • Catholic church set on fire near Colombo
    A Catholic church was set on fire Sunday night in a village 24 kilometres east of Sri Lanka's capital of Colombo - asianews.it

  • Irish Church agrees guidelines on child abuse reporting
    The Catholic Church in Ireland has agreed to greater accountability in its handling of child sex abuse cases - irish news

  • Wisconsin Priest found dead
    A young priest questioned by police over a double murder has killed himself in a hallway between his church and his rectory, in Northern Wisconsin
    - Duluth.com

  • In Italy, it's been a rough year for the baby Jesus
    As Christmas was approaching, several schools in the northern Italian region of Veneto decided not to put up the traditional Nativity scene, or "presepio," so as not to offend Muslim students - catholic news.com

  • God isn't a stranger in the suburbs
    Believe it or not, God is back in fashion. As Australians get ready for Christmas Day, there is a stoush going on in Sydney about whether Lord Mayor Clover Moore has killed Christmas by saving on decorations and reducing the traditional symbols of Christmas and Christianity - the australian

  • New Apostolic Nuncio for Australia
    The Holy See has announced that Archbishop Ambrose B. De Paoli is to be the new Apostolic Nuncio to Australia. Archbishop De Paoli was born in the United States of America in 1934 and was ordained a priest in 1960. - acbc.org

  • Come back to the Church
    St Vincent's, Redfern, has extended 'a heartfelt invitation' to those who have left the Church to start coming back. The invitation is "not a search for the past, but to help, simply by your presence, in keeping alive the vision of having a place of worship where one can respectfully join the Aboriginal Christ at the banquet table." - church-mouse.com

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