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Aussies should ratify Kyoto - Bishop
Australia should ratify the Kyoto Protocol, says Bishop Christopher Toohey as Environment Minister, Ian Campbell, and Labor's Anthony Albanese crossed swords over the integrity of Australia's position.
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Melbourne Church fails 'hearts and minds'
Two Melbourne priests have issued a broadside at the Catholic Church in Melbourne, saying the Church must confront its failure to engage the minds and hearts of the people or risk losing them altogether.
"Canonical Equity" challenges Pell
Australian Reforming Catholics is considering an action which would take Cardinal Pell to Rome, saying that his failure to adequately consult with two Sydney parishes over a proposed new Sydney campus may breach canon law.
Post election 'abortion distortions'
A glossy anti abortion brochure, apparently issued by all the major faiths, has been sent to all NSW MPs, just after a major anti abortion rally held earlier this month.
A View from the East

Lex orandi lex credendi - what we pray is what we believe. Antiochian Orthodox priest Fr Stephen Godley explores a little of the Eastern approach to the season, which emphasises the 'pre eternal' God:
"Today the Virgin gives birth to Him who is above all being, and the earth offers a cave to Him whom no one can approach. Angels with shepherds give glory, and Magi journey with a star. For unto us is born a young Child, the pre-eternal God."
31 Advent 4:
...and a Special Site for children. God bless Ted Mason! Summer editions start next week!
Going Forward, Boldly
Many think religious should go back to the habit and the convent to re-find meaning. Mary Cresp rsj, disagrees, saying we need to go forward with courage and imagination.

Edmund Campion
...and the fascinating story of the priest architect, John Cyril Hawes, who may have created an indigenous church architecture
Call me Catholic!
Cardinal Shallots creates a special Christmas magic in the town of Inner Springs, and Michael McGirr ponders the theology of the missing sock.
Graced Life
Even Christmas shoppers melted when they saw Terry Monagle carrying two week old Nora - 'as though we had been sprayed with some benevolent vapour!'
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