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"Forgotten Australians" force Church
The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference is to establish an Action Group to consider the recommendations of a damning Senate report into sexual abuse in institutions.
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Interreligious 'First' in Oceania, SE Asia
ASEAN nations should develop a "culture of acceptance", according to the Interfaith Dialogue group who met in Yogyakarta, and also called for government support for those aims.
Ethics downgrade at Notre Dame
The Edmund Rice Centre, a work of the Christian Brothers at Notre Dame University, Fremantle, is to be closed down, raising fears that the University is downgrading Christian ethics.
Pleas for Mercy ignored by Vanstone
The Sisters of Mercy are attempting to get a fair hearing from Senator Amanda Vanstone in their attempt to get a fair hearing for desperate asylum seekers at Baxter Detention Centre.
While Shoppers Watched their Sock by Night

We're doing it again, says Peter Fleming. Reducing the challenge of the Christmas story by concentrating on the decorations in shopping centres. But the story of the Nativity is one of painful duty, of enforced discomfort, of neglect, injustice, of being outcasts in one's own homeland. It demands lifetime responses, an increase in our humanity, an awakening and sensitivity. Let's not let Alan Jones set the Christmas agenda.
30 Advent 3:
...and Graham English has a Christmas gift for us all!
Re-birthing Religious Life
Christians believe that out of death comes new life. Mary Cresp rsj says that religious orders will have to work out what actions and attitudes will bring about new life - not extinction.

Religion must embrace the secular and look at the signs of the times before it can be meaningful in today's world, argues Peter Dresser.
Andrea Hadaway is one of the twenty somethings the Church has 'lost'. Here, she explains why in 'Jesus taught me all I know.'
Catholic Media Watch
Michael Mullins says that Diocesan papers could address their shockingly low circulations with a little faith in journalism.
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