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'Callous' Aussies have attitude problem
Australians have an attitude problem when it comes to Aboriginal people, according to Bishop Christopher Saunders, Bishop of Broome, declaring reconciliation 'unfinished business' on the national agenda.
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Sacraments not reduced to 'magic'
Australian Reforming Catholics says that the Archdiocese in Brisbane risks reducing the Sacraments "to the realm of the magical" by claiming that children at a South Brisbane Church have been invalidly baptised.
US: Record payout to abuse victims
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange in Califormia last Thursday paid the largest ever settlement for victims of the sexual abuse by clergy with a record $100 million to its 87 victims.
Selling sex for food, water and AIDS
A horrifying report from Tanzania has prompted the head of a Melbourne Catholic Aids agency to again call for the removal of a Catholic priest from the Australian government's HIV/AIDS advisory subcommittee.
The Clan of Catholic

We were explaining to our favourite writer Brian Doyle that the Church in Australia was a bit on the tense side. To which he replied, well you know, religions are like people, capable of both extraordinary evil and unimaginable grace; and (warming to his theme) this reminds me (he said) of a Mass I went to recently, with the crankiest, most iracible old priest you ever saw. We settled back in a comfortable chair, and Brian told us this story.
Advent 2:

"one who is more powerful than I is coming"
Death of a Priest
Last week's essay by Fr Eric Hodgens prompted theologian John N Collins to remember Fr Gerry Cudmore, 'a Phar Lap of a priest'.

Westerners have long imagined they could pursue self interest without consequences. It's time for a 'new bottom line'.
Call me Catholic!
Michael McGirr accompanies Cardinal Shallots to the Big Bible Bargain Bazaar after the Bible won the Bronze Medal as Australia's third most popular book.
Edmund Campion the only person in the world who could tell the story of the Copyright Agency AND find the moral for the rest of us.
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