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Ballarat Victims to launch action
An alleged victim of sexual abuse by the late Mgr John Day, who is thought to have abused hundreds of girls and boys in Mildura in the 1960s and 70s, is to make a claim against the Diocese of Ballarat.
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Ratzinger attacks 'anti-hate' law
Just two months after arguing that Turkey should be excluded from membership of the European Union, Cardinal Ratzinger has attacked Sweden's secular anti-hate laws as intolerant.
Family Function more important than form
An international group of theologians has called on religious leaders worldwide "to recognize and support families in all their diversity" just as the Vatican restated the superiority of the traditional family structure.
Jews for Jesus target Melbourne 2005
Catholics must speak out against the insidious activities of Jews for Jesus, who target Jews in order to convert them to Christianity, according to Sister Marianne Dacy, Executive Secretary of the Council for Christians and Jews.
A Jewish View of Christianity

Churchill quipped that the English and the Americans were two peoples divided by a common language. Rabbi Raymond Apple thinks something similar could be said about Jews and Christians: idea of God, the Bible, Ten Commandments, the spiritual attitude to life, the dignity of man, atonement, salvation, the social conscience - Jews and Christians agree on the importance of all these things. But can they agree about what they mean? Maybe not, says the Rabbi, but at least these days we can start talking about it.
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Paul Collins
...considers the recent hoo-ha following Cardinal Pell's "democratic personalism" speech, and reveals what His Eminence really meant to say.

Call Me Catholic
Michael McGirr's new neighbour, Cardinal Shallots, reminisces about the 60s, when Communism was the new Islam and the Kombi van, a secret tool of the Vatican.
Edmund Campion
...on what happened to artist Kate Durham when she put down her brushes and took up her cudgels on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees.
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