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Bp Manning challenges employment relations law
As the Federal Government prepares to introduce wide ranging industrial reforms on Nov 16, Parramatta's Bishop Kevin Manning this week issued a four fold challenge with regard to employment relations in Australia.
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Constitution Expert says Notre Dame should be accountable
Professor George Williams said that Notre Dame University should be much more accountable for all public money received, after Online Catholics discovered Notre Dame doesn't fully report to any public authority.
Catholics, Hindus to work for Children
The Holy See invited Hindus worldwide to work together with Catholics to give concrete help to underprivileged children, a statement echoed by Archbishop Francis Carroll, President of the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference.
Gifted, Talented Firsts for Armidale CSO
Gifted and talented children will have a better chance of being identified early in Armidale Diocese than in anywhere else in the country when the Diocesan Catholic Schools Office introduces universal testing in 2005 for every child in year 3.
The Invisible Left

After the trouncing of the parties of the Left both in Australia and the United States, 'small l' liberals everywhere are asking themselves what has gone wrong. Terry Monagle was in the United States for their election, and says the Left should take seriously the professional organisation of religious and political conservatives. And the way they cooperate for political advantage...
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#25 - nearly Advent
... which is when we start thinking about Christmas! Here's a special gift for your favourite priest or religious - a subscription to Online Catholics for 2005!
Mitre and Power
For the centenary of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, Helen Borger explores how well 'Catholics at the coalface' implement workplace fairness and equity in 2004.

Call me Catholic!
Poor Cardinal Shallots, late of the Vatican, finds himself retired in the Bush. Neighbour Michael McGirr gets the lowdown on the boom.
Edmund Campion
...finds that books of sermons are making a comeback - and reports on the Plain, the Poetical and the Phantasmagorical.
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