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  • Bp Fisher speaks at St. John's Seminary, Boston
    Auxiliary bishop of Sydney and episcopal vicar for life and health Bishop Anthony Colin Fisher, OP said the marriage and family "revolutions" in recent history are much more radical than they seem because "Like kangaroos hypnotized by an oncoming car, we often fail to notice what is happening until it is too late to protest, let alone get out of the road."
    - roman catholic archdiocese of boston

  • Priests vote for Pastoral Plan
    A gathering of Catholic Clergy last week voted to set up the mechanisms for drawing up a Pastoral Plan in the Archdiocese of Sydney. Mechanisms would include representatives of all stakeholders of the Archdiocese - Lay, Religious and Clergy. Cardinal George Pell, who was present at the meeting, was in a agreement with the drawing up of such a Pastoral Plan, but emphasised that the goals set must be achievable and realistic - cathnews

  • A voice from the bush
    Les Murray is Australia's leading poet - a man who delights in confounding the urban cultural elite with his unfashionable themes and Catholic faith - the Tablet

  • Australian Catholic Social Justice Briefing
    From the ACSJC, November events around Australia for your calendar
    - acsjc

  • The New Crusade
    Fighting for God in a secular Europe, conservative Christians, the Vatican and Islamic militants find a common cause - msnbc

  • Catholic Group Challenges Tax-Exempt Status of Archdiocese
    Catholics for a Free Choice filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on Tuesday challenging the tax-exempt status of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. The group charges that the Archdiocese violated its tax-exempt status by urging Catholics to vote against candidates who support "intrinsic evils" including abortion rights, stem cell research, and same-sex marriage
    - feminist.org

  • Privatization of water `a sin', says Catholic South African activist
    While street protests in South Africa recall images of the fight against apartheid, the current struggle in the southern-most African country is a struggle for rights of another kind - the right to water. "We are facing another devil," said South African activist Richard Mokolo during a Montreal press conference Oct. 13. "The modern struggle in South Africa is against privatization." - catholicnewsagency.com

  • Priest Abuse in Nigeria
    Bishop Anthony Ilonu of the Catholic diocese of Okigwe, Imo State, Nigeria, is accused, not only of sex abuse, but also of a "crafty way of sex abuse and other molestation of Nuns." - priestsexabusenigeria.net

  • Diocesan bankruptcies place church workers at risk
    Settlements have potential to create new set of victims, particularly those former religious who have continued to work for the Church at reduced salaries - national catholic reporter

  • Bishop backs tribal survival bid.
    An indigenous tribe in the Southern Philippines, with the support of their local Catholic bishop, have accused a Canadian mining company of 'plundering and destroying' their ancestral lands, adding that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the country's president, has shown 'culpable neglect' over the affair. - the Tablet

  • World Conference of Clergy in Malta
    Just 10 per cent of the predominantly elderly participants were from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Despite 'partial subsidies' on offer, travel costs apparently kept many away. And only three of the 13 cardinals listed came from the developing world. - the Tablet

  • Pope to meet with Iraqi prime minister at Vatican
    Pope John Paul II will meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi at the Vatican. Mgsr Emmanuel Delly, Chaldean Patriarch in Baghdad told AsiaNews that Mr Allawi will go to the Vatican on the 4th of November. - asianews.it

  • The Anguish Is Plausible, but His Eminence Forgets
    Sins come in assorted sizes, according to the Catholic Church, but it's hard to take the full measure of the misdeeds exposed in this sober play on Broadway about the sexual-abuse scandal that unfolded in New England over the past decades (subscription) - New York Times

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