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CCER (NSW) denies criticism
The Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (NSW) has denied that it has failed to meet its obligations as 'head of agency' as the Ombudsman reported to the NSW Parliament last week.
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Abbott promises to act on abortion
Federal Minister for Health, Tony Abbott told a Catholic conference that abortion is a "stain on our national character" and that "we can and should do something about it."
Australia to host 2007 ICCJ
Australia has been selected to host the 2007 World Conference of Christians and Jews, the umbrella organisation of 38 national Jewish-Christian dialogue organisations world-wide.
AIDS on our doorstep
A PNG based Franciscan priest has made a moving grave-side appeal for doctors skilled in caring for children with HIV/AIDS to help PNG as it stands poised to be ravaged by the pandemic.
Lucifer's Unholy Grail: Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is like no other sorcerer-dictator in the metaphysical history of tyranny. In a secular age which rejected the ancient images of Satan, he became, in the modern imagination, not just a master sorcerer, but the source of black magic itself. Sophie Masson explores Hitler's belief in German cultural exceptionalism, that led to the gates of hell.
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Paul Collins
This Graced Life
To look on the perfection of a newborn baby, writes (new grandmother) Kerry Gonzales, is surely to see someone who is truly the likeness and image of God.
Catholic Media Watch
Michael Mullins considers reports that the NCR's Vatican watcher, John L Allen Jr, is soft on Opus Dei.
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