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"You will go to Hell if you do not take up the Way"
Parishioners of the Good Shephard parish, Kelmscott, WA, have written this week to Archbishop Hickey, claiming a range of abuses by their Neo Catechumenate clergy.
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ARC calls for more collaboration, accountability
The Catholic Church needs to be broaden those empowered to make decisions if it is to regain its legitimacy amongst ordinary Australians, according to Australian Reforming Catholics.
Managing Money and Mission
Some 250 Financial Administrators from all parts of the Catholic Church in Australia met this week in Brighton le Sands for the first national Catholic Administration Conference.
Vatican Releases Guide to Teachings
Church officials in Rome claim that the release on Monday of an exhaustive guide to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church one week before the US election was not intended to influence the vote.
Kim Jong-Il and the Superheroes

Last week, Sophie Masson described the mind of the tyrant, Saddam Hussein. If Saddam Hussein's court of fortune-tellers, soothsayers and sorcerers was like something out of set-piece, Tolkienish fantasy fiction, then his fellow tyrant, the mercurial north Korean Kim Jong-Il, has fashioned himself an image and a narrativemore familiar from Marvel comics and superhero movies.
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The Cardinal explains democracy - A Layman explores the Eucharist - and two teenagers describe three years behind the razor wire.
NCR 40th Birthday
Call me Catholic!
Michael McGirr on the sad trouble with the Cardinal who moved in next door and the dark forces in the battle for the One True Carbohydrate...
Edmund Campion
...on the (only slightly) scandalous Eileen O'Connor; a sacred place, and a smart Aussie publisher who built on the site of the Irish Jesuits.
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