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Lack of will on poverty, human rights
Australia's maturity as a nation is being held back by our lack of willingness to tackle poverty and human rights, according to Victorian Attorney-General, Rob Hulls, launching Anti-Poverty Week.
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God not dollars - Keating
Former PM Paul Keating has spoken out strongly against the proposed Notre Dame Uni re-development of two Sydney churches, declaring: "If it's a case of God or dollars, let's have God without the dollars."
Jesuit reaffirms partnership with Laity
Jesuit Superior General Fr Peter Hans Kolvenbach SJ, has reaffirmed the order's commitment to the 'Church of the Laity' and is to visit Australia in December, Fr Mark Raper SJ says.
Aussie 'pearl of great price' in cyberspace
A group of ordained and lay people from Maitland Newcastle have just launched a new website, , as a forum for community discussion on spirituality for those who feel outside of Church.
The Magic Stone of Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein has always believed in magic. His mother, Sabha, was a peasant woman who sometimes worked as a fortune-teller. Saddam himself was supposed to have inherited some of his mother's psychic gifts, and was reputed to have had modest success in 'studying the sands' and summoning jinn to do his bidding. In the first of a series, Sophie Masson explores the mind of the Tyrant.
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War against the Weak
Why I am a Catholic
Catholics love 'story'. This one might not be a factual one But we're sure it's 'true'.
Business Woman by Terry Monagle
Catholic media watch
The politics of 'nasty' journalism: she may have won the Nobel prize, but Wangari Maathai just isn't Catholic enough, reports Michael Mullins.
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