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Because so many young people want to kill themselves...

by Paul Glynn

One night in the store-front church I ran in Japan I heard a thump in the chapel above. Going up I discovered a stranger slumped on the floor, a lass about 16 years. She mumbled she had taken a suicide drink. I telephoned a doctor friend who quickly pumped out her stomach. I asked her why she tried to die. "I lost hope of being ever happy again", she said.

Youth suicide is endemic in Australia. What is the pain behind it? In my early 20s I was in mental pain and struggling to believe in Jesus of the Gospels. I mused: If I saw His Gospel miracles, I'd believe. But how are we sure they really happened. It is a beautiful story, but so is Cinderalla and the fairy godmother!

Then I came across books by medical professors claiming Gospel-like miracles are happening at Lourdes. I read those books critically, searching for loopholes or possible natural explanations. I slowly was convinced. When recently questioned by a Sydney Morning Herald journalist, I offered $5,000 to anyone who gave a convincing scientific explanation of Lourdes miracles. The story was printed but no one contacted me about the challenge.

Lourdes Medical Bureau files of many instantaneous and complete healings of physical diseases like cancer and T.B, with copies of the original letters, X-Rays, biopsies, etc are available to anyone with a medical degree to research them. Thousands of doctors have scrutinized them without providing a scientific explanation.

At first, some said there is a hidden substance, unknown yet as radium was before the Curies' discovery. This theory is disproven by Lourdes miracles happening a thousand kilometres away. For instance, the instantaneous join of Pierre de Rudder's leg bones. One leg was smashed when a tree came down, both fibula and tibia bones horribly broken. The medical efforts to join them failed. Eight years later, with the bones 2.5cms apart, he prayed at a Lourdes shrine in Belguim, not having the money for the journey to southern France. The bones joined instantaneously! His agnostic doctor became a believer.

The auto-suggestion or faith healing hypothesis is unacceptable because 22 month old Yvonne Aumaitre was instantaneously healed of double club feet. Her doctor father had tried every medical procedure without result.

Guy Leydet was five years when meningo-encephalitis left him seriously brain damaged, unable to recognise his mother; a quadraplegic and uttering nothing but animal-like sounds. His middle aged parents spent much money seeking a medical cure for the next two years, to no avail. He was immediately and totally cured at Lourdes.

Noble prize winner Alex Carrel describes an instantaneous and total cure of tubercular peritonitis. The massively swollen stomach and TB lesions changed before his eyes. He had gone to Lourdes quite sure only psychological sicknesses would be cured.

Professor Louis Manden, in his 368 page Signs and Wonders details many of Lourdes' instantaneous physical miracles. He writes how he conducted "lengthy and rigorous research" looking for reports of similar miracles in any secular medical hospital or clinic. There were none. Some years before in 1954 the British Medical Association conducted the same search and found no such reports.

In my book Healing of Fire from Frozen Earth I detail a score of miracle cures and quote many doctors who have actually studied first-hand at Lourdes. No unbeliever scientist has come up with any scientific explanation. I wrote the book hoping to help some of our bewildered, death-wish prone youth as I was helped by Lourdes miracles in my own youth.

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