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Ex Christie MP attacks Pell, Hart

A Queensland Member of Parliament launched a broadside at the four Catholic and Anglican Archbishops who objected to the Labor Education Policy last week.

Terry Sullivan, Labor MP for Stafford, said in the Queensland Parliament yesterday that while Church leaders have the right and the responsbility to comment on all political and social issues, they must speak in accordance with the principles of the Church.

"As a person with direct personal contact with Catholic schools for almost 50 years and as a long-time active member of my local parishes, I am appalled at the disgraceful and hypocritical way that Cardinal George Pell and Archbishop Denis Hart attacked Labor's funding policy," Mr Sullivan said.

Mr Sullivan, a former Christian Brother and a teacher by profession, said that the Archbishops had set aside Gospel values.

"Measured against the teachings of the New Testament and the Australian notion of a fair go, Labor's education funding plan would be judged as just and fair.

"Many of the faithful are experiencing a loss of hope because they see the church focusing on many issues that are irrelevant in their lives. If Cardinal Pell and Archbishop Hart continue their one-sided forays into party politics, they will alienate the parishioners at an even faster rate," Mr Sullivan said.

The Labor MP tabled an open letter to the Australian Catholic Archbishops which argued for 'an inclusive church' that promotes Gospel values into the lives of every citizen.

"The laity will not support church leaders who are obsessed with pretentious regulation, much like the Pharisees of old. Rather, the faithful want an inclusive church that promotes gospel values in a manner that helps them in their everyday lives. Cardinal Pell and Archbishop Hart are failing to provide the leadership my church needs." Mr Sullivan said.

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