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Priests support the 43 prominent Australians
The National Council of Priests has added their voice to the 43 prominent Australians and the group of doctors who called for truth and integrity in public life two months ago.
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Water - all parties could do better
The Australian Political Ministry Network (PolMin) believes there is only partial commitment to protecting water by all the major parties, who still tend to treat water primarily as "an economic commodity".
Ex Christie MP attacks Pell, Hart
A Queensland Member of Parliament yesterday launched a broadside at the four Catholic and Anglican Archbishops who objected to the Labor Education Policy last week.
German Church needs urgent reform
A German group working for Church reform has written to the German Catholic Bishops Conference, claiming there is a 'widespread feeling of hopelessness' about the Church there and asking for 'honest disclosure' from the Bishops.
Special Feature: Do this in memory of me

The "mystery" of the Eucharist was to be an actual experience of the risen Jesus. On the other hand, in the West, it might be fair to say that the "sacrament" of the Eucharist suggested first a ritual dutifully performed for the purpose of ensuring that one would be the recipient of its benefits. Theologian John N. Collins considers the meaning of the Catholic family meal (and makes a suggestion about venues)
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John Coleman remembers a lot of fun - Cliff Baxter remembers pain and loss - and Lionel Bowen remembers how Catholic schools got State Aid in the first place.
Secret Life of Priests
Santamaria's Shadow
How much involvement should the Church have in politics? You'd think we'd be doing it better, 50 years after the Split...
Catholic Media Watch
Bp Manning reckons the media trivializes the Vatican. But trivializing stuff gets everybody's attention, says Michael Mullins - just like the Pope did in NZ the other day ...
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