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71% of Aussie Priests give celibacy the thumbs down
A yet-to-be released report to the ACBC has found that 55% of priests believe that optional celibacy would be appropriate for the Catholic Church. A further 16% of priests said that obligatory celibacy is a negative.
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The Archbishops and the Big End of Town
The Catholic and Anglican Archbishops' concerns over Labor's education funding policy has provoked criticism that the church leaders are acting for 'mutual advantage' and not for the Gospel.
Vatican GM Food Conference 'a disgrace'
The world renowned environmentalist, Fr Sean McDonagh, has called the recent Vatican conference on genetically modified foods "a disgrace".
Threat to Anglican-Catholic relations
The Anglican Archdiocese of Sydney is seeking to introduce 'lay presidency' (of the Eucharist) at this month's Synod, a move likely to damage ecumenical relations with Catholicism.
The Labyrinth: medieval tool for a post modern age

The labyrinth is an ancient pattern found in many cultures around the world. Dr Lauren Artress is a Canon with the Episcopalian Grace Cathedral, in San Francisco. She has founded a world wide movement to re-introduce the labyrinth into the world as a spiritual tool. "We are rediscovering a long-forgotten mystical tradition that is insisting to be reborn," Dr Artress says. "It's a medieval tool for a post modern age."
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Cliff Baxter on Downshifting (work less, live longer) - Jan Coleman: the Vatican is just having us on - and why the disabled shouldn't have to be heroes.
I don't want to die a virgin
Call me Catholic!
You can't call yourself Catholic until you've had at least one good idea in your life, writes Michael McGirr, who had his yesterday. He's going to get the Church to take over his laundry...
Edmund Campion
at the Melbourne Writers Festival, has encounters with Helen Garner, Colm Toibin and is just a little bit personal about Michael McGirr...
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