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There's nothing like a Dame
The taxpayer will now pay for the privately-owned Catholic university, Notre Dame Australia, which has recently been re-designated 'public' for the purposes of Commonwealth funding.
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Will the "Vinnies Vatican" be sold?
The Society of St Vincent de Paul this week began an investigation of the possibility of selling its State headquarters, the historic Lewisham Hospital, where the ABC TV series Brides of Christ was shot.
Peace is possible: cultivating a culture of Peace
Peace relies on the recognition of the inherent dignity of the human person in every area of human endeavour, according to the Australian Catholic Bishops' Statement for Social Justice Sunday.
Carnivale Christi, 2004
Rock singer Gary Pinto, Graham Greene and the internationally acclaimed Melbourne artist Charles Billich highlight the Festival of Catholic Arts, Carnivale Christi, which kicks off in Melbourne on Friday.
Film: Hellboy

Despite the recent journalistic feeding frenzy over the sexual abuse scandal, writes Angelo Stagnaro,the media, in general, is actually very pro-Catholic. Of course, Catholicism sells movies. Think of all those Cradle Catholics, lapsed Catholics, converts, reverts and those "I'm-just-shopping-for-a-new-religion" crowd. The just released "Hellboy" is one for them: the movie absolutely screams Catholicism - not just your physical trappings or 'ethnic Catholicism' - I mean real Catholic theology.
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Why full schools don't equal full churches
This Graced Life
When Brian Monro left religious life, he had a few shocks to the system. But God was to be found "outside", too.
Catholic Media Watch
Kairos Catholic Journal, the fortnightly publication of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, doesn't have an editor, writes Michael Mullins. It hasn't had one for some time....
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