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Pell bans Lay group from Catholic land
Cardinal Pell has ordered the Sisters of St Joseph not to allow the lay group, Australian Reforming Catholics (ARC), to hold their annual conference at the Sisters' site at McKillop Place in North Sydney next month, and has also directed two priests not to attend.
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Columbans appeal: "Say NO to GM Foods!"
Australian Catholic ecologists believe that the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is being used by the USA Embassy to the Holy See to endorse Genetically Modified (GM) Foods for economic and political purposes.
Pope: US to "collaborate", NZ to pray
Pope John Paul II has offered two very different prescriptions to the Bishops of two US States and the Bishops of New Zealand, both on their 5 yearly ad limina visits to Rome.
N.C.P. Convention - 2004
President Hal Ranger reports on the biennial Conference of the National Council of Priests, Australia's priests reflected on partnership, collaboration, and conversation - and the spiritual lessons of the Australian Bush.
Profile: Andrew Wilkie

Andrew Wilkie, says one wit, "is the only Green I've ever seen in double cuffs". The former Senior Intelligence Officer who famously blew the whistle over Iraq is now fighting for John Howard's seat. Wilkie is a contradiction: personally as straight as they come, socially and politically he's aligned himself with women, tree-huggers and 'drop the debt' types. But then, perhaps not such a contradiction after all: Andrew Wilkie was raised a Catholic...
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Two Views in Tension
Edmund Campion
who has read every book ever written on the subject, reflects on the black and white and grey of the Life of Graham Greene
Call Me Catholic!
Catholics were falling behind in an ancient religious tradition shared by all denominations, says Michael McGirr. But thankfully the Vatican has put us ahead in the race to make the world's silliest utterance.
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