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Social concern key to election
The coming Federal election is an opportunity to vote for moral and ethical standards, say Bishop Kevin Manning and PolMin.
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Beslan: Pope drops trip over terrorist threats
Pope John Paul II cancelled his trip to Turkey scheduled for November due to the increased risk of terrorist attacks, according to Italian daily La Stampa.
Why human rights matters for business
International businesses must assume their responsibilities in the pursuit of human rights, according to Amnesty Secretary General, Irene Khan.
Giving God a Go in the ADF
Isolation is the big issue for women in the Australian Defence Forces, according to the new Episcopal Deputy, Lieutenant Commander Carmel Barnes.
Dee Why of Sorrows

A couple on a reality tv show lose out on the newly renovated flat in Dee Why (Sydney) but the intensity of their pain is sort of weird, writes Joe Shanahan. 24 year old Shanahan says his Generation Y's twin preoccupations of safety and material dreams will only lead to a very bad space. Shanahan argues that his generation might be helped by just a leetle bit of Catholic suffering...
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Border Protection
This Graced Life
Two gay sons - how could it be a blessing? Catholic father and grandfather Ted Mason explains
Catholic Media Watch
As in everything, there are winners and losers in the media scrum. Michael Mullins on Bishop Malone and his winning media strategy
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