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Sydney Parishes slugged via the CWF
Some parishes in the Archdiocese of Sydney are going to have to find almost 10 times more income than last year, under a new scheme that imposes an additional levy under the auspices of the Charitable Works Fund.
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Cardinal Wamala to launch Mission Week
A Melbourne-based Catholic AIDS agency has expressed concerns over Catholic Mission's invitation to the Ugandan Cardinal who told the BBC that death by AIDS was preferable to using a condom.
Maitland-Newcastle: Towards the Dawn
The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle last Saturday held its Diocesan Assembly, Towards the Dawn. The NSW Diocese is one of the few dioceses in Australia to formally consult and collaborate and share responsbility for ministry, in the spirit of Vatican II.
Local priests are permanent solution
Australia needs to abandon temporary solutions to the priest shortage, according to Columban Fr Charles Rue, who says Catholic communities have a right to an ordained priest from their own culture.
Andrii Sheptyts'kyi: His Brother's Keeper

Morris West's 1968 novel, The Shoes of the Fisherman, was based on the true story of the Ukrainian patriarch, Iosyf Slipyi, who spent 17 years in a Siberian camp. Andrew Kania explores the equally fascinating story of Slipyi's predecesor, Andrii Sheptyts'kyi, lawyer, a Count and leader of the Ukranian Catholic Church - who faced down Himmler and Hitler, and saved the lives of innumerable Jews.
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Towards the Light
Call Me Catholic!
God has a website and the Church is His search engine, says Michael McGirr. So why, he wonders, doesn't God send email?
Edmund Campion
...considers Tony Abbott, who was a seminarian before he was a politician, and God's own 12 Step programme in Books Etc.
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