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Rome overrules Aussie Bishop
Rome has overruled Sale Bishop Jeremiah Coffey's decision to remove the parish priest of Morwell last year, as strong feelings erupt from all sides of the community.
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Priest defies Gluten free ban
Parramatta priest and ceoliac sufferer Geoffrey Dickinson says he'll defy last week's order banning gluten free hosts - for the good of the Church.
Recycling the Spiel
Catholics may be thinking 'green' these days, but it isn't translating into much action, according to ecology activist Max Norden.
The Conundrum of Cloning
Pope John Paul II has warned against human cloning for stem cell research, but has not banned vaccines derived from aborted embryos.
Profile: Chris Rigby, CEO

There's an organisation which is Catholic, jointly run by lay people and religious, and has assets in excess of $100m. And you've never heard of it. Until now: Catholic Health Care Services, which celebrates its 10th birthday this week, was created to sustain and protect the aged care and other medical works of religious orders who could no longer undertake their management. Online Catholics spoke with Managing Director Chris Rigby, about vision, mission and the 'state of the nation' in aged care.
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John Coleman follows the Pope to Lourdes - John N Collins ponders 'Men and Women' and Paul Wilkes tells about a priest who revived his parish by doing things like returning phone calls
Facing the Darkness
Amid current angst about church governance, the Greek Orthodox might just have the answer. Ever heard of a horizontal hierarchy?
Catholic media watch
Michael Mullins tells the strange story of the powerful Catholic lobbyist and alleged 'groper' who has the ear of the President.
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