Prophet of the bleedin’ obvious
Like 99 per cent of Australians, Susan Connelly rsj knew almost nothing about the East Timor tragedy - until … Today, her voice of the voiceless resounds in the vacuum of Church silence on the bleak moral chaos of Australian politics.
by Vacy Vlazna

The wretched of the earth
None of us is free if our brother or sister lies in chains.
by Andrew Thomas Kania

Tonga – the friendly isles under scrutiny
The death recently of Tonga’s King Taupa‘ahau Tupou IV brings back vivid memories of the “feudal” Methodist kingdom.
by Alan Gill

“Basically, I have learned the importance, yes, the necessity, for the Church to be always in dialogue. The bishop has to be the model, the catalyst and the one who promotes dialogue in his diocese. The challenge is how to be an authority without being authoritarian. For the bishop, dialogue happens in the balance of listening and teaching, engaging and leading, to establish a community of justice and love in the name of Jesus Christ.” Bishop Ricardo Ramirez speaking at the 10th anniversary of the Catholic Common Ground Initiative.

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