Is one gold coin too much to ask?
The Australian AIDS Fund Incorporated renews its call for an annual World AIDS Day gold coin collection to be taken up in the churches as a tangible gesture to help people living with HIV/AIDS throughout the world.
Sainthood? Okay.  Priesthood? No way!
If the Church can see its way clear to making saints out of dead women, why are live women still officially prohibited from being ordained as priests?
by Fred Jansohn
Call me Catholic - God’s voting intentions
Most of the time, God votes for the least suitable candidate, muses Cardinal Shallots.
by Michael McGirr

Care for the environment is demanded by our belief in and our concern for the Kingdom of God that exists in our midst. 
Without a love for the environment the world cannot become the place of justice, peace and freedom for all that I believe God wants it to be and all reasonable people desire.

Archbishop John Bathesby:  Walk Against Warming

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