Crossing the line
This weekend, peace activists will converge on Fort Benning, Georgia, USA, while others will gather in parts of Central and Southern America under the banner of School of the Americas Watch for an annual “crossing of the line”.  Together, and in numbers too big to be ignored, we will take a stand for justice, peace and accountability…by Vacy Vlazna
"He came down from heaven"
The mythology has broken down.  So, is it enough for us to repeat creedal formulations or do we need to find our ultimate connections within the personal relationships played out in the myths bequeathed to us from of old?
by John N. Collins
Call me Catholic -
The chant of Elton John

You can’t call yourself a Catholic until you’ve rung Telstra to try and get a phone number in Roman numerals.
by Michael McGirr

Meister Eckhart - 2nd National Conference of The Australian Eckhart Society

Saturday, November 25 at Queen’s College, Melbourne University, Parkville, 9 for 9.30am – 4.30pm
Papers will include The Atman and Meister Eckhart’s Divine Spark: A Hindu-Christian Dialogical Frontier
in the Understanding of Giving-birth of God in us
presented by the Revd Dr Ruwan Palapathwala,
the Secretary General of the World Fellowship of Inter-Faith Students’ movements.
Info and enrolment:
 Mary 9690 1076  John 9349 0501
$30 donation. Early enrolments appreciated

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