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Online Catholics is a weekly independent news e-magazine led by a lay team about contemporary Catholic life in Australia and the world. In keeping with the authentic tradition of its Founder, Online Catholics has at its heart, hope; hope for the renewal of God's people and hope for God's Church.

Online Catholics is a journal which reports Church news and explores issues of contemporary concern, informed by the Gospel, including the renewal of Church governance and structures and participation by the faithful. Online Catholics is a place where controversy will be intelligently explored in a spirit of faith, reason and generosity.

Online Catholics is quite deliberately concerned to reflect the diversity of Church life and views. We encourage collaboration between 'conservatives' who emphasise Catholic identity and 'progressives' who highlight the need to respond to great historical shifts in society.

Online Catholics speaks to both the heart and the head of the searching believer by upholding the rich texture of the Catholic heritage. With its commitment to specialised Church news reportage, Online Catholics is required reading for all Australians interested in religion.

The Company:

A nonprofit organization Online Catholics Pty Ltd, founded in 2004, is based in Sydney and Melbourne. It is an independent organization and is not affiliated with any diocese or other official arm of the Roman Catholic church, nor with any group or organization outside of the official church.


Peter Bearsley
Garry Eastman (Chair) garryeastman@JohnGarratt.com.au
Robert Fitzgerald AM
Geraldine Hawkes
John Menadue AO
Fiona O'Loughlin

Editorial Advisory Committee:

Geraldine Hawkes (Chair)
Monsignor Tony Doherty
Anthony Dwyer
Robert Fitzgerald
Paul Ormonde
Penny Edman


Penny Edman

Executive Officer :

Josie Cirocco

Customer Service :

Margaret Biviano
Diane Carey

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