Enriching, complementary Catholic life
The vision of a Bishop in the 1950s is producing ripe fruit at the St Pius X Mission, in Moree.
by Fr Paul McCabe

Be opened!
“Sex, Priests, and Secret Codes” is a disturbing, but much-needed, read.
by Peter Roach

When Mass isn’t the Mass … or is it?
The problem lies not so much in a Sunday service without the priest but in basic catechises of what the Mass really is about.
by Fr Peter Dresser

16th century woman speaks
The world of Teresa of Avila (1515-82) was vastly different from our own, yet the insights of this intelligent and deeply spiritual woman still speak today.
by Alison Healey



Sociologist from the Catholic University of America, Washington and author of  International Priests in America: Challenges and Opportunities. Dean Hoge is in Australia. He is speaking publicly in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. He will deliver the 2006 Victor J. Couch lecture, Australian Catholic University, Sydney, on Tuesday, October 17. Professor Hoge is in Australia as the guest of the ACBC Pastoral Projects Office.

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