God: creator or created?
How can people who believe that god is a human creation and people who believe that humans are God’s creation relate to one another in modern Australia and the world?
by Ted Nettle

Facilis Descensus 9/11
Body bags on gurneys … I stumble on the pronouns.
by George McCauley SJ

Be open to others
The first woman to be ordained by the Presbyterian-Reformed Church in Cuba, Dr Ofelia Ortega, has a long and fruitful ecumenical career that climaxed at the World Council of Churches' Assembly in Porto Alegre in February 2006, where she was elected as one of the Council's eight presidents, from the Latin American and Caribbean regions.
by Manuel Quintero

What if we discovered that God is dumb?
Pondering communication without words opens up the wondrous possibility of God also communicating without words – through our natural environment.
by Bob Myers



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