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Canon Law may frustrate Notre Dame
It appears that the two Sydney Church properties destined for use by Notre Dame University - St Benedicts, Broadway and Sacred Heart Church, Darlinghurst - may not be Cardinal Pell's to give, or even lend, due to a conflict between civil law and canon law.
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"Green is Good" - Queensland's Bishops
Environmentalists this week welcomed as "tremendous" the statement by Queensland's Bishops last Friday when they publicly declared support for protection of the Great Barrier Reef. The bishops said that a ecological awareness is a 'key moral issue' for the Christian.
Bishop Power adds his voice to the 43
Auxiliary Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn, Pat Power, has supported those calling on politicians to acknowledge the truth in regard to the invasion of Iraq. His comments add weight to the list of eminent Australians who have called for greater value on truthfulness in public life.
Dom Helder Camara Lecture 2005
President of the Southern Africa Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC), Wilfred Cardinal Napier, is to be the Dom Helder Camara Lecturer for 2005, announced Br Mark O'Connor, fms, yesterday.
Book Review: Shadowmancer
Shadowmancer is the latest 'big thing' to emerge in the world of fantasy literature for children. The author, GP Taylor, aka the Reverend Graham Taylor, is its latest, unlikeliest star: Shadowmancer spent 15 weeks at no.1 in the British bestseller charts - not bad for a book that was originally self-published. Shadowmancer's success is due to the fact that like Harry Potter, it is a children's book that explores contemporary understandings of good and evil.
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Terry Monagle asks if we're just apprentice celibates - Angela Shanahan says pro choicers should just grow up and a special Edmund Campion story!
Parting of the ways
Catholic Media Watch
The non-coverage of the Salesian sex scandal in the diocesan press shows that the Catholic press is in serious denial, says Michael Mullins.
The Sleuth is Back!
...and reports that the new(ish) St Patrick's Cathedral in Parramatta is a triumph in substance and in style.
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