A new moment
Amidst the world’s death and destruction, quiet transformation can go almost unnoticed.  The launch of the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction heralds a possible world first as religious denominations work together to provide a professional framework for this emerging ministry across Australia.  
by Mary Cresp RSJ

Ecstatic prayer for Aussie blokes?
What does surrender mean for an Aussie bloke when vulnerability is not a naturally preferred disposition towards the world?  Could mateship help?
by Terry Monagle

A backpacker approach
Maitland-Newcastle taps into the backpacker mentality in an effort to attract Generation Y pilgrims
by Catherine Mahony

Trafficked: the story behind the headlines
Haunted by a decade-old case, a former federal police officer investigates how a young Thai girl was sold as a sex slave to a Sydney brothel.  This Australian documentary, to screen on SBS, tells the story behind the headlines.

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