“Pope” Hutton and Mel
A personal insight into a famous father and son.
by Alan Gill

In search of new horizons
Archbishop Mark Coleridge will be installed as the 6th Archbishop of Canberra-Goulburn tomorrow, Thursday, August 17.  In welcoming his new boss and praising his former, a brother Bishop gives an honest overview of an expectant People, looking to their new chief pastor to be a sign of hope, a source of encouragement and a witness to the love of Jesus among them.
by Bishop Pat Power

Being true to my catholic self
Deep reflection and a need for action rather than patience have led one woman to stand back from the Church and acknowledge her “truly catholic self”: that conscience-driven self that attempts, in an inconsistent and frail way, to be true to the example of Jesus as exemplified in the gospels.
by Kerry Gonzales

The Glass House
While Australia was condemning apartheid, what was happening in our own backyard?
by Andrew Thomas Kania


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