Calling our fantastic, rough-and-ready youth … or we should be …
Every pastor knows some fantastic, knockabout, rough and ready, non-active youngsters whose image on the WYD press releases could attract the un-pious and unwashed but spiritually alert youth who comprise the lion’s share of our unchurched.  When all is said and done the WYD’s appeal to the latter will be the measure of its success
by John McSweeney PE

Zenit interviews Archbishop Agustín García-Gasco on the eve of the 5th World Gathering of Families while Jimmy Burns looks at Spain’s identity crisis ahead of the first Papal visit in 13 years and the Pope speaks in Rome.

A little is really not good enough
Promises were made … but 12 months later, as the G8 prepares to meet in St Petersburg, Russia, from July 15, aid agencies and individuals are saying that not nearly enough has been done.

One view from pew sideby Brian MonroBe careful of a whisperby Eileen BurderTeaching evolutionfrom the Interacademy Panel

Quoted in Catholic Voice.  See also this week’s from the editor.
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