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Do we really know what we are eating? Why the push for genetically modified food? Does the industrialised production of food respect its sacredness? These questions were among those discussed by people from 10 different faith traditions at a Safe Food forum.

The corruption of children by an old friend
by Peter Fleming

Science, faith and religious education
We should be positive about scientific knowledge and use it to inform and enrich our faith. This is essential for the Church to grow and to convince young people that their faith is reasonable. Religious education in schools is the place to start.
by Gerry Wake

There are numerous approaches to the question of our direct involvement in the nuclear industry, but is there a Catholic position on a nuclear future?
by Ken Thomas

Bishop Donald Trautman, chair of the US Bishops' Committee on Liturgy, speaking with John Allen Jr, in The Word from Rome on the new English translation of the Order of the Mass.
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