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Pell, Howard, buy a university
Cardinal George Pell has committed $20m of Archdiocesan resources and $5m in cash to the Sydney campus of WA's Notre Dame University. The PM gave $4m of federal funding. Meanwhile, the ACU may have to pay the Archdiocese rent of around $3.25m.
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Vatican on Women: But what about men?
The recent Vatican letter to Bishops on the collaboration of men and women gets the 'thumbs down' from the Tablet and the National Catholic Reporter - but the CDF's Archbishop Angelo Amato explains it's all about 'rediscovery and conversion'.
A new Council in the Catholic Church
41 bishops have signed a new international petition for a Third Vatican Council. The petition, which can be signed online, calls on the Holy Father to initiate a Council process leading to a new Ecumenical Council in the Catholic Church.
NCP Convention: "Partners with the People"
The President of the The National Council of Priests of Australia, Fr Hal Ranger, has announced that the keynote speaker at their September 2004 Convention in Toowoomba will be the Rev. Tim Costello.
Profile: The Enigmatic Dr Peter Tannock
Peter Tannock has pulled off a real coup this week with the establishment of a Sydney Campus for WA's Notre Dame University. Not only has he secured big money from the Church, he's managed to talk the PM into giving him almost as many places as Mr Howard gave this year to all the other private universities combined. As Dr Tannock explains to Tom Scott, Notre Dame gets support because they do things in a way no one else can.
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Call me Catholic!
Women escape to the clothes line. But Michael McGirr says the best place to find God is in the car...
Edmund Campion
...settles down for winter with a swag of good books just for you in Books Etcetera.
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