Eucharist means mission
Eucharist as mission, as reaching out, is often overlooked or neglected in the life of the Church.This exhortation to “go out and make a better world” because we share Eucharist, honours the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, on Sunday, June 18.
by Brian Gleeson, CP

The Eucharist is the heart of Christian resistance to torture and terror. In learning to see the world differently through the Eucharist, we come to the unnerving insight that not only were we present at the cross and that we tortured Jesus but that we continue to do so as he continues to absorb the violence of humanity.
by William T. Cavanaugh

Scientists and the soul - part 2
The attack on consciousness is misconceived and the idea of the soul remains a fundamental one whether a person is religious or a-religious.
by Max Charlesworth

It is time for Australia’s public policies to be based on the nation’s long-term interests and values. A document, Reclaiming Our Common Wealth, launched this week, sets out the values and principles on which policies should be based according to the Australian policy think tank, New Matilda.

Speaking in Bradford, England, this month, he said that his decision to go to Iraq had partly been taken because he felt that in attending demonstrations and writing pamphlets about peace he had “taken the easy path” and needed to explore the practical vocation of peacemaking in the face of conflict.  (full report)
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