Scientists and the soul
There is no way of showing from within the domain of scientific enquiry that scientific knowledge is, as the materialists assume, the only valid form of knowledge, or that it is a superior form of knowledge.  And further, supporters of the materialist/neo-evolutionist position have a very simplistic view of human consciousness.
by Max Charlesworth

But I am not in a position to play God and judge who among my fellow men or women are likely to enter the Kingdom based purely on the fact that they may or not may know the teachings of Christ in the Christian bible.
by Fred Jansohn

The Stone of Sisyphus
It is only when we give up, and set the boulder at the base of the hill and lie against it, that we become slaves…  We are not required by God to always win – but we are required to give of our very best, and be honest with ourselves and Him.
by Andrew Thomas Kania

The deep roots of both Aboriginal spirituality and the Christian tradition call Australians to rediscover a sacred relationship with the land.
by Margaret Smith

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