“I could not fail to come”
“I come here today as a son of the German people … Where was God in those days? Why was he silent? How could he permit this endless slaughter, this triumph of evil?”
Pope Benedict XVI, at Auschwitz, May 28

We should be ashamed at the plight of our Aboriginal brothers and sisters.  But this could be turned into healing action through pride in a united nation.
by Malcolm Fraser

Call of the sacred
Dimly aware of the numinous quality of this ancient land we inhabit, we know its beauty, but rarely do we recognise this appreciation as the call to the deeper experience of sensing the sacred presence within the land that is sometimes felt as a tangible silence.
by Margaret Smith

A dream for 2017:  The past is over. We are united in the love of the Lord, as Jesus prayed.
by George Ripon

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